From workshop to website. In the Uto school district of Zürich city, experts have grappled intensively with questions relating to challenging school situations. This work has resulted in creation of a website which addresses all these questions.

How does one deal with challenging school situations? What instruments are available? What approaches are useful towards achieving solutions? Where can one find more information? And with whom should one best cooperate? In the Uto school district of Zürich city we have gathered together in one place the answers to all these questions. The objective was to create a versatile working tool as a resource for employees in the schools; a resource which could be used intuitively and which offered maximum scope for flexibility. It was critical that the elements we developed were brought together in the form of a map of the available options. This meant the website achieved great recognition and acceptance by everyone involved.

This is what we achieved for the project:

  • Conceptual development of the website
  • Illustrations and formatting
  • Implementation by a web programmer