We do communication
that engages and moves!

Successful communication works like a gearbox where different cogs mesh. In the process, movements can be set in motion and changed.

We offer integrated communication. Our comprehensive approach to communication is interconnected and targeted. This holistic approach makes it possible to coordinate and combine different communication disciplines and measures.

We get your communication going!

Founded in


Type of company
Public limited company

Owner-managed, Managing Director
Andrea Miolo-Eberhard, lic. oec. HSG

Scope of services
Full-service agency

Where we work

This is our muse

Our office at Doldertrasse 17 in Zurich has always been a workplace for bright minds. Shortly after the house was built, around 1900, Albert Einstein lived in our business premises. He was a boarder on the first floor. During this time, he was still studying at the Polytechnic (ETH) and applied for Swiss citizenship. Albert Einstein became a Swiss citizen on 7 February 1901. This was essential for his later employment at the Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern.

Albert Einstein’s citizenship application