How do I communicate a new strategy memorably and to the point? Today many companies are facing this challenge. A strategy video that summarises the most important elements is particularly well suited for this purpose.

Strategy video

When creating a strategy video, it is not only visually memorable images that are needed. At the centre stands a storyboard that focusses on the key messages so that they are understood. With a combination of strong visuals, concise lyrics, a pleasant voice and suitable background music, the result is a body of work that usually lasts for several years and can be used over and over as a guideline. One example of this is the implementation we carried out for Glarner Kantonalbank as part of the Fokus26 strategy.

The following elements emerged as part of GLKB's new strategy

  • Strategy film
  • Key visual with focus gesture
  • Presentation for staff workshops
  • Different signets for vision